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Zayn Malik Shares The Ways Of Fighting Against Racism With An Impassioned Note

The former member of One Direction, well-known singer Zayn Malik posted a statement to express his feelings about racism victims and led his followers about how they can help.

The 27-year-old Zayn used the following words to raise awareness about racist actions in the United States of America:

“What is happening right now is exactly what happens when you leave a wound untreated and act obliviously in its constant presence. This uprising has escalated due to the racism, ignorance, and arrogance that burdens America and the World.”

He concluded his statement by expressing his sorrow:

“I am deeply saddened by every act of discrimination and can not stay silent.”

Then he shared the link,, and urged his followers to check it out.

Besides, this impassioned note drew attention and his followers supported him via the following comments:

“We love you zayn, thank you for speaking out” said, Sarina Ienco.

“Thanks for using you voice for goodness ❤️” added, Jasmin Barbaros.

You can view the mentioned post below, and read out the rest of the comments.

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