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YouTuber Grace Victory Fights For Her Life Against COVID-19, A Day After Giving Birth

Photo Credit: Grace Victory - Instagram Photos

It has been announced that well-known YouTuber Grace Victory has been kept in the intensive care unit since she gave birth to her son on Christmas Eve.

The devastating news was delivered by Grace’s Family via her official Instagram page. Her family made a statement announcing that Grace’s baby was fortunately fine, but the same couldn’t be said of her.

“As you guys know, Grace gave birth on Christmas Eve to a beautiful baby boy, who is currently doing so well, he’s incredible. We love him so much.”

Then the family stated that Grace had tested positive for the COVID-19 while she was pregnant, and she needed to deliver the baby prematurely because of her medical condition. As fans might know, Grace actually was expecting to give birth to her son in 2021.

“Grace developed Covid-19 two weeks ago and although her symptoms were mild at first, they worsened as the days went on. Which meant they had to deliver the baby as soon as possible, as she was just too unwell to carry on with the pregnancy.”

It was also said that the YouTuber had been taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit and placed into an Induced Coma. The statement concluded as follows:

“She’s currently stable but please keep her in your thoughts & prayers. We love her so much and we know she’ll come out of this stronger than ever. She has dedicated her whole career to healing people, we now ask that you pray, to heal her.”

Following the post, a great number of Instagram users flooded the comment section to send good wishes to the young star.

Meanwhile, Grace’s boyfriend, father of her baby, LPW took to Instagram, posted a photo of himself with her, and added the following caption:

“My Grace! The Love I feel for this woman is unfathomable ❤️”

See below to view the mentioned statement.

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