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Winnie Harlow Asks Whether It Is Fair Or Not To Suspend A Student From School Because Of Dreadlocks

Jamaican Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow referred to the news regarding that a school could legally ban a child with dreadlocks, and started a debate in the comment section on Instagram.

The well-known public spokesperson of vitiligo uploaded a photo of herself in bikini at sea, and captioned the photo with a question:

 “Question for my Jamaicans (but others can weigh in!): How do you feel about the Jamaican Supreme Court ruling against dreadlocks in school?”

Harlow won the ‘Role Model‘ award in 2015, expressed her thoughts on the issue after that, and encouraged her followers to respond to her:

“This personally makes me extremely sad. Hair for us has always been an incredible avenue of not just self-expression but the cultural expression and I want to do something about this 💔🌞”

Then, her loyal followers did not leave her unanswered, and they jumped into the comment section to share their opinions. Here are some of the comments:

“From what I understand the ruling wasn’t against dreadlocks” replied, Elemia Lemiaj.

“I feel like everybody should be able to do what they want with something as little as hair. Especially if it’s there’s. And I think it’s dumb that they are just ruling out dreads. All that does is take away cultural diversity” added, Panagiotis Tsigaridas.

“It’s very sad… We should be allowed to style our hair anyway we please especially when in our home country/the motherland” wrote, MK Wallace-McLeish.

“I don’t agree with their decision! It’s so unfair. They must really be brainwashed by society to think that locks are inappropriate/unprofessional. I don’t know why the self-hate is so real. They should be teaching children to love their natural hair and to embrace their cultural hairstyles” commented, Nani.

See below to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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