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Tyra Banks Praises Adam Grant’s Latest Work By Saying That He Is A Real Genius

Former model and current media personality and host Tyra Banks went to Instagram with a book recommendation as she did before multiple times; however, this time she recommended more strongly than ever.

By posting the cover of the latest book of American psychologist and author Adam Grant, Banks wrote that everybody needs to read it immediately. She began her message by praising Grant, who also known for his TED talks viewed more than 20 million times:

This man is pretty genius. I’ve learned so much from him. I’m really excited to read his new book, THINK AGAIN.”

Tyra also promoted the book while introducing its content. According to what she stated in her message, Grant’s ‘Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know‘ is focusing on rethinking opinions, “opening other people’s minds, and building cultures of lifelong learning.”

Regarding the 320 page book, published by Random House on February 4, 2021, Banks also wrote:

“@AdamGrant, I can’t wait to dig deep into this. You continue to amaze me. 💛Tyra”

As known, Grant, who has been marked as one of the New York Times bestselling authors with his four previous books, ‘Give and Take,’ ‘Originals,’ ‘Option B,’ and ‘Power Moves,’ also praised by Malala Yousafzai, J.J. Abrams, Richard Branson, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Malcolm Gladwell, besides Banks.

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