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Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Says His Dad, Chris Joseph Paid Him To Promote His Book ‘Just Thinking’

Photo Credit: Abby Gillardi - Wkimedia Commons

The frontman for the Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph took his Instagram on December 19 and released a few hilarious messages along with promoting his father Chris Joseph‘s very first book.

The Grammy Award-winning artist first posted a photo of the book titled ‘Just Thinking: 365 Days of Developing Practical Faith and Hope‘ to Instagram Stories, and introduced it to his fans and followers by writing:

“Proud of my dad for writing his first book. It’s a daily Christian devotional, one page a day.”

The 32-year-old star then posted another message and said that he got a payment from his father to promote the book which “designed to develop the way you think about God:”

My dad paid me $14.3 million in Bitcoin to promote his book.”

Joseph, who welcomed his first child, a daughter, with Jenna Black in February 2020, went on joking regarding the book promotion:

My mom says she is working on a book too but she better show me that bread if she wants me to #ad it.”

However, the artist cannot always pop jokes. As fans may remember, a week before, Joseph apologized on Twitch during a live-streamed Fortnite tournament after his controversial tweets regarding using his platforms to stand with the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement and stated that he is not a racist person. He said at that time:

“It was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it. I see now how I could have hurt some people, and it did hurt people. I wish I could take it back, but I can’t and I’m truly sorry. I hope you can forgive me for it.”

See below to view Joseph’s stories.

Photo Credit: Tyler Joseph – Instagram Stories

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