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The Rapper Kid Cudi Expresses His Thoughts About Afterlife: “I Like To Think It Is Warm & Bright”

The ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’ rapper Kid Cudi posted an image that read “What happens when we die?” on his personal Instagram page.

Through this post, Kid Cudi firstly made a short description of the afterlife he depicted in his mind and then asked his followers what they think about.

The Grammy Award-winning Kid Cudi wrote as caption by referring to the mentioned question:

“The question keeps coming up. I’ve always been fascinated with the afterlife. I like to think its warm, bright, with only the slight sound of a breeze. And the smell is sweet kinda like cotton candy.”

Kudi, who takes a part in ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ asked his followers to join this existential conversation:

“What are our thoughts on the afterlife? Are u religious? Or an atheist? If so, what do u think happens? Nothing? A dark void forever?? I really wanna know. I’m curious. Let me know.”

Then, the followers did not leave this request unrequited and replied to him as follows:

“We all turn into stardust, 💙” said, musician Uwe Blatner.

We are the universe. We made ourselves into a physical world to understand ourselves. We are all the same person, god, the universe. Here to learn every perspective and here to learn the choices we’ve already made” commented, Jackson LaCombe.

“No such thing as birth and death. Just arrival and departure from one form to another” wrote, Matt Weitemeyer.

Besides, it is not obvious whether Kid Cudi could find the answer he is looking for or not.

Below you can find the mentioned Instagram post.

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