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‘The Bachelorette’ Star Zac Clark’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out Over His Relationship With Tayshia Adams: “It’s Been A Little Shocking”

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Zac Clark‘s ex-wife Jennifer Stanley-George broke her silence after Clark and Tayshia Adams got engaged on December 22, during the final episode of ‘The Bachelorette.’

Stanley-George, who first met with Clark at York College in Pennsylvania, told US Weekly that watching her ex-husband on TV while proposing to another woman is a little bit hard and added:

“He’s been on my TV show every week since and Instagram and everything, and here I am 9 months pregnant and quarantined in my house, and here’s my ex-husband popping up.”

The expectant mother also admitted that great numbers of their college fellows called her regarding the issue, and it made her feel weird at all.

“It’s weird to watch him on TV. But yeah he’s a completely different person now, and he seems happy and healthy and that’s great.”

Then the future mother said that she is a kind of a fan of Clark’s fiance Tayshia Adams, she loves her and added that she “watched her on the other shows too and she seems so sweet.”

Stating that she got married to him at an early age and decided to break up very quickly, the ex-wifey added they did not split because of cheating. She revealed they split after Clark’s substance abuse issues had come out in 2012. As known, Clark is now working as an addiction specialist at the Release Recovery he found.

During the interview, Stanley-George said that Clark is a highly sensitive person who deserves the best, and continued:

“I hope that he is the final one tonight and that they are still together. I wish that for him. I just don’t know if he’s being completely honest and genuine on TV.”

However, she implied that would not come true by saying that she is scarred from their past.

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