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Speculations Increase On Nicki Minaj’s Possible Pregnancy

Rapper Nicki Minaj gave rise to speculations about her possible pregnancy by sharing the behind the scenes photos of herself, that were taken at new track, ‘Trollz’ set.

In the mentioned photos Nicki Minaj shared through Instagram, the famous rapper appears to be hiding her possible baby bump.

Especially in one of these photos, Nicki is wearing a bottoms-to-skimpy bikini that fully covers her stomach and her belly seems bigger than ever.

After she posted the photo, her careful followers quickly pointed out that she may be pregnant:

“What’s going on here? Is she pregnant?” said, Lauryn Denae.

“You were hiding ya stomach too much, 🌚 I think this means something,” added, Jordan.

“Don’t be stressing… Take care of your baby 💓💓💕💓💕💕💕💓💕💓” commented, Jommy Fit.

Even one of her followers claimed she is surely pregnant:

“Yes, she is pregnant. If y’all followed, you’d see how in February her dude was rubbing her stomach on the plane” said, Elizabeth Pacana.

Now, fans are waiting for an announcement that comes from directly Nicki Minaj.

Below you can view the mentioned photo.

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