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Sabrina Carpenter Elucidates Where She Got Inspired For Her Lately Released Song ‘Skin’ After Many Speculations

The young star Sabrina Carpenter, known from the Disney Channel, updated her Instagram account after many speculations and theories put forward about her latest song ‘Skin,’ which she released on Friday.

The 21-year-old star is quite annoyed by the allegations about her song because these rumors prevented the success of her song, claiming that Carpenter wrote her song in response to Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License.’

It all started when the fans interpreted the lyrics of Rodrigo’s hit song, which she released at the beginning of this month, as an implicit message to Rodrigo’s ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ costar and apparent ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett and Carpenter.

After two weeks, with the release of the song ‘Skin’ the fans thought Carpenter responded to Rodrigo through her music. However, the young song-writer stated that this wasn’t the case at all and wrote a message clearing out the misunderstandings.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to skin 🤍 especially those who have opened their minds to lyrically what I was trying to get across,” she wrote. “I wasn’t bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it.”

Carpenter explained she was at a tipping point in her life and to deal with her problems she was inspired to put her past feelings that she could not confess to herself on paper like she usually does.

“I was at a tipping point in my life for countless reasons. so I was inspired to do what I usually do to cope, write something that I wish I could have told myself in the past.”

Overall, she made it clear that the song wasn’t calling out one single person, some lines address a specific situation while others address many experiences she’s had this past year.

“It also shows that many things have actually gotten under my skin,” she continued referring to her lyrics. “I’m still learning to not give other people so much power over my feelings. I know a lot of you struggle with the same thing.”

In her final words, she wanted to end all this unnecessary drama of the love triangle concluding, “I don’t want this to become an endless cycle so please don’t take this as an opportunity to send more hate anyone’s way. Lots of love to u all. Thanks for letting me grow. Thanks for letting me grow.”

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