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Rumer Willis Explains Her Tough Journey Of Self-Love After She Faced Backlash For Her Poses In Lingerie

The daughter of actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis, updated her Instagram to share her thoughts on self-acceptance and self-love which she started to advocate through a lingerie company, which offers support for other women.

The former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ champion shared some special shots modelling the lingerie but more importantly, she wanted to give a message about her not so easy journey of self-acceptance to set an example for other women who feel the same struggles. In her own words:

“I have spoken quite a few times about my journey with self-acceptance and self-love and that I has most certainly not been easy and is absolutely something that is still a work and progress and something I still struggle with daily.”

The 32-year-old continued her rather long message with addressing the importance of highlighting all the unique differences, shapes and sizes among women. She revealed that she got nervous to pose in her underwear first, but then realized that this time it was about putting herself with her perceived flaws and sharing her journey.

“At first I was extremely nervous about taking photos in my underwear and feeling so exposed and vulnerable,” she wrote. “This felt different. It felt like this was about putting myself, with all my own personally perceived flaws or things I feel insecure about and be willing to show up vulnerably and authentically.”

In the continuation of her sincere message, Rumer Willis mentioned the days she was judged and ridiculed because of her appearance by bloggers and anonymous commenters. She explained that she has worked on herself tirelessly since day one to accept her beauty from head to toe:

“Having my self-esteem decimated as a teen by bloggers and anonymous commenters spewing negativing and hate in my direction. I have worked tirelessly since I was a young girl to love myself, love my body, my face.”

Throughout her journey, one of the important things she has learned was negative comments shouldn’t define the value of herself. However, judgy and negative comments kept coming after every post she shared. She explained it saying:

“To not allow the negative commentary from others about how I look to affect the value I hold for myself. This is my version of healing. I was saddened yesterday by the amount of comments I saw yesterday that really missed the point of what I wanted to share.

This is not about sex, it’s not about staying relevant or garnering attention. I truly could care less about those things and to be perfectly honest I don’t have the time or energy to waste on that Bullshit.”

She felt the need to explain all of these because people think they can say whatever they want on social media and Rumer Willis was also judged by the poses she gave. Therefore, she told the haters to back off on her profile and get a life.

First support for the star came from her mother Demi Moore saying she was proud to be her mother:

“You are magnificent and your honesty stunning! Your courage the strength of your vulnerability incredibly inspiring. I am so proud and honored to be your mother.”

Click here to view the mentioned Instagram post and read the fans’ comments.

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