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Racing Driver Lewis Hamilton Proves That He Is Good At Music Too, By Releasing A Video Playing The Piano

Photo Credit: Lewis Hamilton - Instagram Photos

Lewis Hamilton, one of the most-recognized Formula One Grand Prix racing drivers of all time, jumped into his verified Instagram account in order to show his skills in different fields rather than sports.

Hamilton, who recently garnered media attention after his teammate Dave Robson stated that he is an “annoying customer to have on the other side of the garage,” released a video of himself that sees him playing Prince’s ‘Purple Rain‘ on piano.

Alongside the video which made his fans and followers ask if there anything he can not do, Hamilton, now in his 15th season in Formula 1, wrote the following message as a caption:

“I came home on Sunday after the race, I’d listened to this song all day and was in my head throughout the race. Music is my everything, it feeds my soul. I’m not great at it but thats ok, I just love it almost more than anything. So this is me trying to learn the song on the piano but it’s a slow burner.”

Admitting that it is impossible to match Prince vocally cause he was the best, Hamilton continued his message as follows:

“So this is me trying. This as it’s not perfect by a long way but this is me sharing with you my imperfection and something I’m working on getting better at. Sorry for the bad angle.”

As soon as the famous sportsman released the video, his industry friends jumped into the comments section to send their congratulatory messages. Here are some of them:

“Do your thing bro! Respect” wrote, well-known musician Lenny Kravitz.

“What can’t you do bro, gifted at everything!” added, NBA star Chris Matthews.

In order to see the video, click here.

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