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‘Queer Eye’ Host Jonathan Van Ness Says Donald Trump Must Be Impeached Immediately

Jonathan Van Ness, the host of the fan-favorite Netflix show, ‘Queer Eye‘ took to Instagram shortly after the US Capital had been stormed by the supporters of Donald Trump, released a video that shows him in tears and asked the authorities to impeach Trump.

Van Ness, who recently announced that he got married to his best friend, Mark Peacock, said in the video that the supporters of Trump, who invaded the US Capital, are committing a terrorist crime.

While his tears falling, he stated that he is so sad for his black friends, the LGBTQ+ community, and white people who had to watch that. He pointed out Donald Trump as the main reason for the things going on in Washington and called out authorities to real take action regarding the issue.

Jonathan Van Ness captioned the video, in also which he stated that he is not feeling safe in the United States, with the following message:

“When our elected leaders are safe we need to impeach this president. He can never be allowed to hold office again. We are not exempt from hostile takeovers. Donald Trump has not protected us from enemies both foreign and domestic!!”

One of the most dominant voices of the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement, continued his message as follows:

“He has failed to do the oath he swore to uphold and he must be removed! He incited this riot today and he has until Jan 20th and he can’t continue. He must be removed.”

This is not his first call to the US Government regarding Donald Trump and his team; in a previous post, the reality show star wrote:

“Trump still has 2 weeks left. He must be impeached immediately. He is unfit to ever hold office again which is one of the punishments offered by impeachment. Once our elected officials are out of FUCKING LOCKDOWN make sure to let them know”

Here is the mentioned post.

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