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Pink Regarding Changing The System: “I Cannot Wait To Vote In November”

One of the world’s best-selling music artists with more than 90 million records worldwide, Pink made a statement through her Instagram page, on June 12 and spoke of the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement.

With her real name, Alecia Beth Moore called for a real system change:

“It is time for a change. It is past time for a change. We must throw out the old way because it is broken. Division, racism, it never wins, it never has… other than to cause pain and anguish and terror and loss. Shame, outrage and anger – that’s what every American should be feeling right now.”

The 40-year-old singer emphasized that she can’t wait to vote as a real action for change:

“We should be embarrassed and inspired to change or be a part of the solution. Now is the time for real, meaningful action. I cannot wait to vote in November – for humanity and human decency and justice. I will see you at polls.”

She mentioned about the other actions she took to make the country a better place:

“And in the meantime, in addition to listening and learning and having difficult conversations, I am also donating to the NAACP to help fight for racial justice, because black lives matter. These actions will not fix things overnight, but it’s a start – and we must do everything we can to make our country a better place for all.

We are ALL Americans. We are ALL human beings. Let us ALL be a part of the change.”

Her followers responded to her via these comments:

“You have always been one of my favorite humans for so many reasons❤” said, Jeanette Jenkins.

“I think you’d be an excellent President. Just saying❤” added, Hannah Marshall.

Below you can find the mentioned Instagram post.

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