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Pharrell Williams Gives A Highly Inspiring Message To His Followers By Focusing On Miracles Of Nature

Photo Credit: Erik Voake

American singer & rapper Pharrell Williams, who won numerous awards throughout his music career both as a musician and producer, posted a black and white photo of himself, in which he is seen while looking at the Sun with sunglasses.

In recent, demanding Juneteenth to be made a national & paid holiday, Williams captioned the mentioned photo with a quite stimulating message:

“You worried about the darkest hour when you should be concentrating on the light minute.

In fact, it takes 8 of them for the Sun’s light to hit the surface of the Earth.”

The rapper encouraged his followers in a highly positive way regarding they are able to change everything in case they desire:

Imagine all the miracles you can pull off in 8 minutes, all the change, all the elevation just by you alone.”

In My Mind’ rapper ended the caption as follows:

“If you want to affect 8 minutes from now it depends on what you do with the 8 minutes before it.”

Here is the mentioned Instagram post.

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