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Pharrell Williams Demands To Make Juneteenth A National & Paid Holiday

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The rapper and producer Pharrell Williams, who has won 13 Grammy Awards throughout his career, took his verified Instagram account and posted an image that read “MAKE JUNETEENTH A PAID HOLIDAY” and made a statement about the issue.

The ‘Happy’ singer called officials for making the Juneteenth, the “commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States” a national holiday and wrote:

“This year, hundreds of CEOs and companies stepped forward to publicly observe, honor, and celebrate Juneteenth. This was a step in the right direction.”

Then, the Academy Award-nominated Pharrell invited all companies to take action on this case:

“But now we need more to join. I’m calling on all companies to COMMIT & SIGN the #JUNETEENTHPLEDGE today.”

Apart from this post, the ‘Freedom’ singer had attended some online shows before to speak of this issue and had got much positive feedback.

Here is the mentioned Instagram post.

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