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Paulina Porizkova Likens Poor Instagram Commentators To US Capitol Invaders

Photo Credit: Paulina Porizkova - Instagram Photos

Former model Paulina Porizkova fired back at Instagram users, who use their platforms to left poor comments on the post of her. The ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ judge released a photo containing 5 mean comments and their owners, and stated that reading that kind of comments that are offensive to her personality, appearance, and opinions is not funny anymore.

Alongside the photo, Porizkova wrote that these Instagram users could have the same moral as the people who stormed the US Capitol on January 6. In her own words:

“What to post on a day like this? This is what I had planned: some ‘thoughtful readers mail’ as a comedy break… but now when I look at it, I see it in a whole other way. It makes me wonder if my ‘thoughtful’ readers are the same sort of people who went against democracy yesterday.”

Then the well-known model and fashion icon described the invaders as “the disenfranchised, the bitter, the disappointed, the un-informed, the terrified who are basically hurting in their own skins and have no idea how to make it stop” and stated that she does not actually have a lot of sympathy for them. However, she continued in a positive manner:

“But I keep thinking how much better the world would be if we all at least tried to understand one another better- and the only thing I can contribute is by doing so myself. I wholeheartedly believe that if I do, there is a whole bunch of people all over the world – unconnected- who at the same moment decide the same thing.”

Porizkova highlighted that she does not hold any love for murderers and racists and bigots and hypocrites; she continued by saying that it is worth noting that they are also biodegradable containers looking for love. Then the 55-year-old added the following hashtags: #blacklivesmatter #metoo #feminism #democracy. Porizkova concluded her message as follows:

“Thank you @mollyjongfast and @annikavonholdt for teaching me by example on how to deal with thoughtful readers mail🤪😆 AND GUYS-BLOCKING THEM TOTALLY DEFEATS MY POINT HERE!”

Here is the mentioned Instagram post.

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