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Paulina Porizkova Confesses That She Uses Instagram To Exorcise Her Shame

Photo Credit: Paulina Porizkova - Instagram Photos

Paulina Porizkova, the 56-year-old supermodel, goes on being honest regarding her emotional world.

On May 11, the model, who recently garnered media attention with her highly revealing Vogue shoots, took to her verified Instagram account and released a selfie showing how beautiful she is at her age and then confessed that she has experienced the emotion, shame, for her entire life.

Along with the photo, she also touched on the mean comments on social media. Porizkova, who previously admitted that the backlashes on social media affected her negatively, wrote the following message as a caption:

“As soon as the comments began with “You”, the realization hit me. Every single comment applied to me. From “You are a bad wife, mother, friend, person” to “you are ugly, old, irrelevant, a failure, an imposter” and “too fat, too skinny, too hungry, too entitled”… As women, we get shamed consistently. At the top of the shame-list is the way we look, and it just cascades from there.”

Describing “shame” as a noxious fungus that grows in the dark corners of the soul, Porizkova added that some users of social media platforms always try to remind people that they are not good at “making money,” “keeping prince charming” and “managing the balance between career and family.”

Then the former model unveiled her reason for using Instagram by saying:

“It dawned on me that I have been using Instagram to exorcise my shame. Nothing fuels shame like secrecy. I’ve been trying to set my shame down and clear it away by airing it out. I bundle it, find the words to describe it, and shine a light on it. Shame cannot withstand air and light.”

At the end of the caption, Porizkova stated that she has no makeup, filler, or botox.

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