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Patti Smith Publishes Her New Poem Regarding 4th Of July

Photo Credit: Ashlee Rezin Garcia - Sun-Times

American musician, author, and poet Patti Smith posted a black and white copy of the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ as a photo through Instagram and captioned it with her new poem.

Because the Night’ singer and writer, who mixed rock and poetry in her work, versed this piece in honor of the 4th Of July. At the same time, she gave a forceful social message through this poem by pointing out to inequality in the United States.

Here is the poem:

 “This is

our Declaration of Independence,

that includes these words:

We hold these truths to be self

evident, that all men are created

equal. Men as Mankind, meaning

humankind, meaning All. Until that

basic truth is totally comprehended,

becoming our universal way of life,

these words are yet a painful blur.

May we all find it within, the full

measure of love and desire for

justice, to bring these words

into meaningful focus.


Smith, who received the National Book Award for her book ‘Just Kids’ got a lot of supportive feedback from her followers. Many of them criticized the system as Smith did with her work:

“A promise is just words until it is kept. We’ve yet to embrace these words. Human dignity must be universal” wrote, Telefan Music.

“Beautiful, Patti! I have more or less stopped wishing people a ”hapoy 4th”, it felt so wrong when so many were still oppressed, but you are a worthy exception. I wish you, Jesse, Jackson, and everyone you love a safe and happy 4th” said, Dan Stockland.

“Hope that the day, when the truth that all are equal becomes really self evident, is imminent🙏💜” added, Claudia K.

See below to find the mentioned Instagram post.

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