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Paris Hilton Opens Up About The Abuse She Faced 17 Years Ago, In The New YouTube Documentary

Media personality and the influencer Paris Hilton shared the unknowns about the trauma that she was physically, emotionally, and verbally abused by ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, through YouTube Originals documentary, ‘This Is Paris.’

As might remember, a tape, containing Hilton’s special moments with her boyfriend was leaked by Salomon in 2003. Regarding this abuse which left her with anxiety, trust issues, and insomnia, the 39-year-old socialite said:

“I’ve never discussed this publicly with anyone, so it’s going to be a shock to people because no one knows. I’ve worked so hard to build this brand and it’s been all about this perfect, happy life. And that story was never part of this brand.”

The TV personality revealed that she did it cause she thought that Salomon was a real relationship, and added:

“If that happened today, it would not be the same story at all, but they made me the bad person. I did something bad… I was just so lost and desperate for love that I found the worst possible person.”

The ‘I Want to Be a Hilton’ star described the experience “like being electronically raped,” because she didn’t do it on purpose. She added that she did not need to do that to become famous, and this took her away from the future she had planned for herself.

“For people to think I did it on purpose because after that all of these leaked tapes were coming out and it almost became like a blueprint to become famous. I don’t know. I didn’t need to do that. I always had a plan.”

The documentary will be available for free September 14 on Hilton’s YouTube channel.

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