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Oprah Calls Out Her Fans To Say Loudly Breonna Taylor’s Name In Honor Her Life On Her 1st Anniversary Of Death

Oprah Winfrey, the well-known talk show host, proved that she is always there to demand justice for Breonna Taylor who was fatally shot by the police, in her own apartment during a botched raid.

On the 1st anniversary of her death, Winfrey took to her verified Instagram account, posted an illustration of Taylor, which was designed by Robinho Santana for Oprah Magazine, and added a lengthy caption to urge fans and followers to call out authorities to provide justice for her. Oprah wrote:

“For anyone whose lost a loved one, you know the ‘firsts’ are always the hardest. The first holiday without them. The first birthday. The first anniversary of their death. A year ago today Breonna Taylor was stunned awake and shot dead in her home by plainclothes police officers.”

In her message, ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show‘ host stated that the death of the 26-year-old young woman is a real tragedy, and continued her words as follows:

“At first it was just Breonna’s family saying her name. It took months but eventually those few voices trying desperately to bring awareness to her case turned into thousands. Those thousands of voices turned into millions. Those millions turned into a movement.”

Referring to the protests sparked after her death against police abuse and brutality, Winfrey encouraged her fans to continue demanding justice for her. She concluded her message with these words:

“A year later there is still no justice for her. But we remember. We will never forget. And loudly say her name today in honor of a life that deserved to be fully lived. BREONNA TAYLOR!”

Head this way to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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