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Nick Jonas Releases Rest Of ‘Spaceman’ To Make His Audiences To “Find Solace” In These Painful Days

Singer & songwriter Nick Jonas finally released his fourth studio album, ‘Spaceman‘ on March 12.

In order to deliver the exciting news, the member of Jonas Brothers took to his social media accounts with a series of shots that reflect 2020 for him. A shortly before its release, the 28-year-old went to Instagram and heralded that the full album is now available to purchase.

While announcing the big news, Jonas also told off how the album came out; according to what he said in the caption section, writing ‘Spaceman’ was a way to “process everything that was happening in the world, the distance between us, and what matters most.”

Stating his excitement regarding the release, Jonas wrote:

“I released #Spaceman first to introduce you to the world and what I encountered along the way. #ThisIsHeaven landed second to show the contrast of emotions found in Distance and Euphoria & how reconnecting with the ones you love can give you purpose.”

Heralding that the album consisting of ‘Distance,‘ ‘Indulgence,‘ ‘Euphoria,’ and ‘Commitment‘ are available to explore, the young singer, who will announce 93nd Academy Award nominations with his wife Priyanka Chopra, concluded his words as follows:

“I hope you take the time to experience the album in full from start to finish and that you find solace while joining Spaceman on the greatest adventure of all… Love.”

In order to view the mentioned Instagram post, head this way.

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