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Mod-Sun Reveals That He Was About To Die Two Years Ago Due To His Substance Addiction: “I Got A Second Chance At Life”

Photo Credit: Mod Sun - Instagram Photos

Mod-Sun, who emerged in the media spotlight with his relationships with well-known names including Avril Lavigne, Bella Thorne, and Tana Mongeau, took to his verified Instagram account on May 11 and revealed that he almost died due to his addiction, almost two years ago.

The music artist, who recently released a single called ‘Flames‘ featuring his Canadian singer girlfriend Lavigne, released a couple of shots of himself, captured by Nathan James for Rock Sound magazine. Underneath the photos, in which he is seen with his green hair, he added a lengthy caption in order to mention the hard times he had experienced almost two years before. He began:

“2 years ago today I almost died. I got a second chance at life + decided at that exact moment to stop drinking alcohol + doing hard drugs…I spent a decade of my life completely fu*ked up. I was truly holding myself back. Every single day is a challenge for me to stay on this path, but getting clean was without a doubt the best decision of my entire life. I’m now standing before u happier + healthier + more successful then I could have ever imagined.”

Stating that he is grateful for the strength he was given to make that decision exactly 2 years ago today, Mod-Sun reminded those who are dealing with any kind of addiction that there is always a way out. The star also wrote that changing his lifestyle to better did not cause losing any bit of his creativity, rather than, he has only become more of everything he has always wanted to be. He continued:

“I still go out, I still go to clubs + parties, I still stay up late with my friends who are raging, + I’m still having fun. Never be afraid to ask for help. Never be afraid to change. I love you all so much….thank you for never giving up on me. I am happy to be here.”

As soon as Modern Sunshine released the abovementioned post, numerous users of the platform flooded the comments section to send their congratulatory message. As one of them, a well-known singer and songwriter Demi Lovato, who had struggled with harmful substances in past, wrote in the caption section that she is proud of him.

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