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Michelle Obama Expresses How Much She Is Grateful To Have Got COVID-19 Vaccine By Releasing A Photo Of Receiving A Shot

Former first lady Michelle Obama joined the acts of raising awareness regarding the COVID-19 vaccine amid there is countless misinformation about it.

On March 11, Obama took to her verified Instagram account, released a photo of herself getting a shot, and expressed that she is proud of her decision to receive the vaccine. While a great number of people, including well-known names, spreading negatives thoughts regarding the vaccine even though scientists urged them to get it, Obama took a great step with this post.

After releasing the abovementioned photo, the first African-American first lady stated in the caption section that both she and her husband, Barack Obama are glad to get the shot. In her own words:

“When you can get the COVID-19 vaccine, I hope you do—Barack and I are certainly glad we did. It’s our best shot at beating this virus, looking out for one another, and getting back to some of the things we miss.”

Obama, who has been marked as a role model for American women, concluded her words by encouraging the citizens to make the right decision regarding the vaccine:

“Getting vaccinated will save lives—and that life could be yours.”

Following the post, numerous Instagram users took to the comments section to congratulate her for spreading awareness concerning that much notable issue. Here are some comments received from well-known names:

“We love you” wrote, ‘Grey’s Anotomy’ star Ellen Pompeo.

“You are the most incredible human being on this earth and I… I don’t have words I just love you ok bye” added, ‘Good Girls’ star Mae Whitman

Head this way to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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