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Michelle Monaghan Says She Is Having A Hard Time During Her Quarantine Day 12 Eating Microwave Popcorn

Mission: Impossible actress Michelle Monaghan surprised her fans by sharing her tired black and white selfie that she took while lying down on her bed on her Instagram account, and explained that she lost the concept of time in quarantine like many people.

The 44-year-old actress seemed to experience bad days like everyone else during the pandemic period, and Monaghan on one of those days wrote why she felt low stating that she thought the reason was because she was at day 12 in her quarantine, but there were also other reasons as follows:

“I thought I was just feeling day 12 quarantine vibes but then it dawned on me that we’re headed into retrograde again and then I thought, have we even left the last one, she wrote.

The actress stated that besides heading into retrograde, she realized that she ate microwave popcorn for lunch which made her feel sicker. Monaghan, whose complaints didn’t not end, finally said as exercise she just scrolled her Instagram account.

“and then I realized I really shouldn’t have eaten microwave popcorn, in bed, for lunch. And does holding my phone overhead scrolling Instagram count as an isometric exercise? Asking for a quarantinee. #fullmood 🌑”

The fans of the actress supported her and told her that they understood her situation as they were experiencing the same things. Click here to read comments and view the mentioned Instagram post down below.

Photo Credit: Michelle Monaghan – Instagram Photos

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