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Michael Passons Says He Was Kicked Out Of ‘Avalon’ For Being Homosexual

The founding member of the band ‘Avalon,’ Michael Passons revealed during the latest episode of ‘Jonah and the Whale’ podcast that he was booted out of the band because of his sexual orientation.

As known the singer and songwriter had departed the group in 2003, after eight years, however, he had stated “seeking out new opportunities” as the reason for this. Years after, he broke his silence and said:

“Avalon showed up at my house and told me I was no longer in the group. And it was all because of who I am.”

The former singer of the band also stated that he was blindsided by the decision, and continued.

“They came alone, but they had been speaking with management and record label before they visited my home.”

According to what he said during the podcast, he was required to attend some reparative therapy sessions before his exit to try to make someone identify as heterosexual.

That did not go well. After about a month, I said, Look, I’m not going back to that guy. Let the chips fall where they belong. And it wasn’t long after that that a member of the group had begun to form an alliance with management, label and other members to kind of help speed up the process of me not being a part of the group anymore.”

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