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Melissa Joan Hart Says Past Memories Can Feel Like Today With Rare Throwback Pics: “You Can Almost Smell And Touch”

‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s’ star Melissa Joan Hart updated her Instagram account to share some cute throwback snaps from her childhood from times which she remembered in details.

Melissa Joan Hart is a well-known actress with the characters Clarissa and Sabrina from the ’90s and she became worldwide known especially after portraying teenage witch Sabrina Spellman.

The hit ’90s series star shared some old family photos as she was digging through them and when she saw her little self in the picture with gloves on, she stated that she felt almost as if she was back there  again eating the snow off the table with the following words:

“My mom found some old family photos and as I’m digging thru them, am I crazy or do any of you ever feel like there are some that you can almost smell and touch right? I remember these gloves so perfectly, remember eating the snow off the picnic table”

The 44-year-old actress also explained the story behind the 3rd photo which she remembered as the Christmas morning when Santa left her a Cabbage Patch doll wearing her old baby doll dress. She stated that she had quite fun looking at those old pictures remembering the old days which seemed to be funny memories with the following words:

“I remember that Christmas morning and how we woke up in our curlers and Santa left a tunnel for us to climb out of our bedroom and down the hall to find my Cabbage Patch doll sitting in a new high chair and wearing my old baby doll dress. (Look on the far right side of the photo) Memories are a funny thing! 💕”

Following the post, the followers of Hart jumped into the comments section and they agreed with her that some pictures definitely help old memories come rushing back. Click here to view the other comments and the mentioned Instagram post.

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