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Masika Kalysha Announces Her Split From Her Fiance After A Three-Week Engagement: “He Was Trying To Extort Me”

Photo Credit: Zeus Network - YouTube

Reality TV star Masika Kalysha took to Instagram on January 22 to announce that she had called off her engagement with Jamar Champ.

To deliver the news, Kalysha released a lengthy statement, and wrote that she made that “difficult” decision after careful consideration “along with some unfortunate findings.” In her message, the reality star stated that the man, who she thought she knew, used her celebrity status. In her own words:

“Unfortunately, the man who I intended to spend my life with, has misused me behind closed doors and continues to use me publicly to gain attention off of my name to my detriment.”

Writing she needs to protect her interests as a mother and a businesswoman who built a brand from the ground, Kalysha added that she can not enter into marriage lightly. She went on by referring to her ex-fiance:

“We genuinely love and care for each other, unfortunately when you are a public figure love does not cover a multitude of sins. After doing my due diligence I uncovered a pandora’s box of findings that left me questioning everything I thought I knew about this person.”

The ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ star continued by clarifying the reason for the calling off the engagement:

I confided in him. I thought he was my best friend, partner, and confidant; but instead, he was trying to come up at my expense and extort me…

Meanwhile, her ex-fiance took to Instagram Stories and released a message to fire back to the reality TV star. He wrote:

“If you have nothing to bring to my table, please don’t take from it. If I spend over $100K on you and you can’t contribute a third of that please shut up. We have no relationship. Sorry but momma didn’t raise no fool”

As fans might know, Champ and Kalysha engaged back in December, after dating for almost four months.

See below to view Kalysha’s mentioned Instagram statement.

Photo Credit: Masika Kalysha – Instagram Photos

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