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Marlon Wayans Ask Tupac For Inviting His Late Mother To Parties In Heaven, In A Tribute To Rapper

Marlon Wayans, comedian and actor, released a hearty tribute to the late rapper Tupac Shakur, on his 25th death anniversary.

On June 16, Wayans, who played alongside Tupac Shakur in the 1994 American sports film ‘Above the Rim,’ took to his verified Instagram account so as to remember his old friend who passed away on September 13, 1996. Wayans first released a photo from the film, in which the two are seen together, and then released a message by referring to his late mother Elvira Wayans.

Wayans, who portrayed ‘Bugaloo’ in the film where Tupac played ‘Birdie,’ added the following note alongside the abovementioned photo:

“Happy birthday Pac! Man, heaven is firing right now! Hope y’all throwing you a crazy party up there… let my mama in… she old but she can dance her ass off. Love you Brody.”

Instead of releasing a heartbreaking tribute over the tragic death of the legendary rapper, Wayans embraced a positive attitude while remembering him and mommy Elvira. Wayans continued his message with these words:

“We hold these artistic streets down for you. Bro, you were ahead of your time. I’m finally catching up. Great things ahead for me. Love you… I know you and Shock probably up smoking new clouds into the sky.”

As widely known, back in 1996, Shakur passed away after shot four times in the chest. Until today, the identity of Shakur’s murderer has yet been publicly revealed.

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