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Mariah Carey Shares New Song ‘Languishing’ For Memoir of George Floyd

Numerous music awards-winning Mariah Carey shared her song ‘Languishing’ with a lyric video, which was created for the loving memoir of racism victims and supporting the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement, through her Instagram page on June 6.

The meaningful lyrics of the song that seems written for George Floyd by Mariah Carey are as follows:

“I was wondering,
Would you reach for me?
If you saw that I was languishing.
I was wondering would you cry for me,
If I told you that I couldn’t breathe,
If I was drowning, suffocating,
If I told you that I couldn’t breathe?

While she was sharing the video, added the following note:

“As the Floyd family and the world send George home, may we stay strong in the long struggle for justice so that we can all finally, fully breathe. I wrote this song (Languishing) years ago and can’t believe how applicable it is in this moment. #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

This touching sharing got much feedback from the followers. They expressed her thoughts through the following comments:

“So beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes ❤” said, actress Jessica Chastain.

“This is such a beautiful and appropriate song Mariah. Thank you for writing this song. Truly, you save lives❤️” added, Riche Justine.

Below you can find the video.

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