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Maria Sharapova Looks Exhausted After A Delightful Charity Match

Russian tennis legend, Maria Sharapova, has posted a new photo on her Instagram account and showed off how exhausted she is after a match that she had for a charity campaign.

In the caption area, Maria stated that she collected 1.4 million dollars for a charity movement by doing some support for the research organizations for the fight against coronavirus.

Maria Sharapova’s Instagram post has reached 171K likes in just 15 hours and lots of comments from the fans. We have to say that she has 4M followers and every one of them went crazy after seeing that photo.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Got my game face on and dressed for the occasion but my Mario gaming skills need major work 😅. Thank you @imgatennis for bringing us together and helping us collectively donate 1.4 million to so many inspiring charities during these unprecedented times. @nokidhungry ❤️ .”

We compiled some of the fan comments here. Check out the most liked comments below.

A fan named adilsondungue commented:


Another fan named dhammirasulpur wrote:

“Beautiful favorite @mariasharapova”

An Instagram user, dinesh.malavalli, said:

“Well done Maria Maria👏👏✨”

You can see the original Instagram post below.

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