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Madonna: “Violence In America Are Committed Against People Of Color”

Queen of Pop’ Madonna made a statement through her personal Instagram page on June 13 and spoke of ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement and ‘Pride Month‘ by criticizing President Trump.

The best-selling female recording artist of all time uploaded a video regarding Orlando nightclub shooting, and she recalled the event that a security guy cruelly killed 49 people and wounded 53 others, in a gay club.

Like a Virgin’ singer captioned the video as follows:

“It seems relevant to present it again on the 4 year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting AND its Pride Month…”

Madonna continued her words by accusing Trump of not tolerating to people who are not physically similar to him:

“…and Trump continues to display his intolerance for people that are not like him– (straight white males)”

Then she pointed out that the real victims of gun violence in America are people of color:

“By revoking healthcare for trans people and finally we need to abolish guns entirely in this country. A large percentage of deaths from gun violence in America are committed against people of color.”

Here is the mentioned post; you can check out the video and the comments that came from followers.

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