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Madonna Joins ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests On Crutches

Madonna, the “queen of pop” joined the protest in London in order to be in solidarity with George Floyd.

The singer, who has attained many number-one singles throughout her career, attended the mentioned protest on crutches with her children; as already known she had hurt her knee earlier this year and canceled her ‘Madame X Tour‘ because of this accident.

However, the crutches did not prevent the 61-year-old singer from joining the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ protest.

Like a Virgin’ singer shared those moments through the Instagram page, on June 8 and captioned this post as follows:

Peaceful Protest with the Fam in The U.K. We marched from Parliament to 10 Downing street.

It was an Honor for all of us to be there!! Important for my kids to know that they are here to witness this great historical moment. 🌎🌍🌏 not just in America but all around the world.”

Below you can check out Madonna’s mentioned post.

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