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Madison Beer Celebrates 1st Year Of Being Clean From Self Harm

The singer and songwriter Madison Beer revealed that she is officially one year clean of self-harm, through Instagram stories, on August 26. The 21-year-old singer shared a screenshot of a reminder of the anniversary and expressed how she was proud of herself. She wrote the message:

“I never thought I’d be able to say this & I am so proud of myself. It has been an uphill battle, so whether you might be one day, one week, one month, or one year clean. I’m so proud of you.”

Then the ‘Home with You’ hitmaker released a photo of a bunch of flowers, alongside a supportive note sent by a friend, that reads:

 “A year ago today. Proud of everything you do but this one’s especially important to me. Can’t even put it into words. On your side always LB. Through everything no matter what.”

Beer added the following message with the shot to say she was so much grateful to receive this kind of support from the loved ones:

“Don’t even have words to describe how grateful I am for this one. @lenafultz you have been my guardian angel and a light in the dark. I am so so lucky to have found you… Thank you always for hearing me, seeing me, and loving me, exactly how I am.”

The ‘Selfish’ singer went on to say in another post that encouraged her followers not to ignore the sign of the self-harm, and urged them to call for help:

“I hid not only my self-harm, but my pain from the world, not ignore the signs if you think someone you know might be struggling. Reach out to your friends. You truly never know what goes on behind closed doors. If you are struggling at all, please please know it does get better and you are valid and worthy of love and I believe in you.”

As remember, the young singer revealed before that she was struggling with a borderline personality disorder, and stated that she was genuinely suicidal, especially at a time when she was recording the album, ‘Life Support.’

Here are the Instagram stories Beer posted.

Photo Credit: Madison Beer- Instagram Stories

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