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Machine Gun Kelly Wins The First VMA: “I Shed One Tear (Or Two Maybe) After Winning”

Photo Credit: Machine Gun Kelly - Instagram Photos

Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, won his first-ever VMA for Best Alternative Video for ‘Bloody Valentine’ which his new girlfriend, Megan Fox appeared on.

Baker, who attached huge attention with an all-pink suit on VMA night, apart from the acceptance speech, took to his verified Instagram and Twitter page to express his excitement regarding the prestigious MTV award he received after 5 albums.

The ‘Till I Die’ rapper stated he had waited a life long to get this award, alongside a series of photos of himself from the event night, and added:

Pretty much waited my entire life just to say: WE WON A FU**ING VMA!!!! 🤯🔥🙏”

Then Baker, referring to his father, who passed away in July, on the one-year anniversary of the release of ‘Hotel Diablo,’ continued his message:

I was flying in to pick up my father’s ashes when I got the news that we were nominated, so it was bittersweet. Then I found out that it was a fan-voted award and from the first day y’all were like ‘We got this’ and you really did it. I’m honored to share this moment with you. Thank you. Thank you. What the fu**ing fu**. @vmas @mtv”

At the same moments, the rapper shared another statement, along with a series of photos of himself in the said all-pink suit, through his Twitter page, and told of his first MTV triumph made him a little bit cry:

I can’t lie… I shed ONE TEAR (or two maybe) after winning this 5 albums later, we got our first VMA. This journey’s been so long, I’m so grateful no one let me give up.”

See below to find Baker’s mentioned tweet.

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