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Lewis Hamilton Says Training And Diet Have Been A Struggle For Him As Shows Off His Super-Built Body

Photo Credit: Clive Mason

One of the most recognized racing drivers, Lewis Hamilton proved that sportsmen also have problems with work-outs and diets.

On April 19, Hamilton, who has a joint-record of seven World Drivers’ Championship titles, jumped into his verified social media accounts and confessed that he is not good at training and improving his body.

The racing driver, who is garnering attention with his supports for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement first released a couple of photos of himself, after a workout and displayed his bulky muscles, as the opposite of what he said. In the caption section, Hamilton stated that he has always been “that skinny dude” and continued as follows:

“Partly because of my job but mostly due to misguidance on diet, training, lack of certain workouts and bad sleep. Training is a struggle for me, it always has been. There are days when I just don’t have the motivation, days I hate my body, days where I feel fat or too skinny.”

After adding that he hates his body from time to time, the 36-year-old also stated that his weight fluctuates a lot, up and down 2-3kg weekly depending on sleep, water and training. Then Hamilton revealed that remaining consistent and eating right is the key to have a well-built body. He concluded:

“This is also not easy as I’m sure you know but we have to keep trying. This is me after a good session this morning. Remember, working out releases endorphins that kick start your day positively so if you’re anything like me and struggle with mental health, training is a huge player in helping keep you on a positive. Go have an awesome week!”

Following Hamilton’s post,  football star Cristiana Ronaldo, who grabbed huge attention for his latest Instagram post showing his muscles, took to the comments section and wrote the following message:

Bro not like me but you look good.”

This comment received more than 9K likes in minutes.

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