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Lauren Jauregui Reveals Camila Cabello Dating Rumors Was Traumatizing For Her

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The former member of the girl group ‘Fifth Harmony,’ Lauren Jauregui opened up about Camila Cabello dating rumors sparked a while ago, during chatting with Becky G on her ‘En La Sala‘ podcast. Addressing the rumors, Jauregui said that it made her “disgustingly uncomfortable.” In her own words:

“I was 18 and absolutely not trying to come out to the public. This is gonna be a controversial acknowledgment but whatever. People thought Camila and I were into each other. And that made me so uncomfortable, like disgustingly uncomfortable because I was queer but she was not.”

Jauregui, coming out as a queer in 2016 by penning a letter to President Donald Trump, continued by saying that at that time the rumors made her feel like a predator.

“It made me feel like a predator because of the type of clips people would put together and the type of stories people would write. I was always the aggressor and I was always the one turning her… I also did not have that connection with her.”

The singer stated Cabello and she had been just very good friends at that time; they respected each other, they would walk, they would look at each other, of course, we had love for each other. But not more:

I was very affectionate with all of my friends. We would tell each other sh** that yeah maybe you would think we were gay if you were listening over but we weren’t. That wasn’t the interaction so that actually made me so uncomfortable.”

During the conversation, Jauregui repeated several times that she had never dated Cabello. She also expressed that her experiences regarding both coming out and dating rumors were really traumatizing:

“I didn’t see Camila that way so it just made me uncomfortable that I could potentially be putting off that kind of vibe onto someone who I wasn’t trying to do that with. You feel me? (…) I was outed and I was like, ‘oh my God this is really traumatizing and I’m just gonna crawl into a cave for a week and not say anything about it at all.”

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