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Kendrick Sampson Is The New Victim Of Police Assault & Brutality In Cartagena

Photo Credit: Kendrick Sampson - Instagram Photos

Well-known TV personality Kendrick Sampson, best known for his appearances in ‘Insecure,’ ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ and ‘The Flash,’ was beaten by two police officers in Cartagena, Colombia, and those moments were recorded.

The video, which clearly sees that Sampson had been punched multiple times by the police officers even though he hadn’t had a weapon, was first published by ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ star Natalia Reyes through her verified Instagram account with the following note:

“The police have the right to ask for your ID but they don’t have the right to punch you, dig in your underwear (as happened before someone started filming) and pull a gun on a person who is not committing any crime or offering any resistance, taking him to a station, not wanting to return his ID and even trying to admonish him? What if this person wasn’t filming?”

Then, Sampson, who is also known as an ambitious ‘Black Lives Matter‘ activist, took to Instagram, uploaded the same video, and confirmed that the man in the record was himself. The young actor wrote that he had been stopped 6th times in 5 days in Cartagena by the police, and said that manipulation against the Black Colombians was very common in the country.

Sampson continued by revealing the details of the police brutality he faced:

“I’m told stopping is policy but what is NOT is they reached down my underwear aggressively, slap my arms 5 times hard, punch me in my jaw and pull his gun on me. He then cuffed me and dragged me through the streets.”

He also added that he did not resist any legal procedure, and concluded his message by thanking Reyes and the one, who recorded the video.

Following the post, a great number of notable names jumped into the comment section and showed their support for the actor by saying that police brutality is real and needs to be stopped.

As Sampson’s fans might remember, back in summer, during the George Floyd protests, he said:

“Y’all didn’t see police attacking white folks, beating them up with batons, shooting them with rubber bullets when they brought guns to f***ing statehouses. We came up here with no weapons, with masks… And we’re the ones who are not peaceful.”

Here is the post.

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