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Kelly Rowland Releases A Message From Her Brother And Points That People Of Color In The US Live In Trauma

Photo Credit: Kelly Rowland - Instagram Stories

Once the news that 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot dead by a police officer spread, like many other celebs believing in “Black Lives Matter,’ well-known singer & songwriter Kelly Rowland took to her verified Instagram account to react to the racial inequality in the US.

On April 13, the former member of ‘Destiny’s Child,’ released a screenshot of a message she got from her brother Orlando Rowland and revealed that each person of color is struggling with a trauma related to the ongoing inequalities and deaths.

Rowland released the message that reads:

“I kiss my family every day like it’s the last time I’m gonna see them. That’s not normal. Nothing to normal to consider it could be the last time I see my family. Our people living in trauma.”

After uploading the screenshot, Rowland, who welcomed her second baby shortly before, first wrote that the message was sent by her brother and continued:

“He expressed this thought and I haven’t been the same the rest of this evening. Like most of us, I am angry about Daunte Wright’s life being taken away, in a senseless act!”

Stating that people of color do not deserve to live in trauma, the 40-year-old concluded her words as follows:

“I want to know how we can honestly fix this situation! I have to remain hopeful for my children, my family!.. Your children, your families. I don’t know what else to say.”

Following Rowland’s post, well-known YouTuber and content creator Kalen Allen jumped into the comments section and wrote that “a lot of families in Philadelphia only say ‘see ya later’ instead of ‘bye’ because they don’t want to put in the universe that they may not see someone again.”

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