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Kelly Osbourne Reacts Hilariously To A Meme Saying Her Old Hairstyle Was The Sign Of COVID-19: “I Thought I Looked So Cool”

Photo Credit: Kelly Osbourne - Instagram Photos

Reality show star Kelly Osbourne took to her Instagram with a screenshot of a meme focusing on her old punk hairstyle, which seems like the image of novel coronavirus under the microscope, with its red color and spikes.

Osbourne first released the meme that reads “Looking back I really think Kelly Osbourne was sending us subliminal messages re: Covvy D through her hairstyles” alongside her old photo, and then defended herself by writing the following message:

“Ps, I was 16 and high as f**k on opiates in this pic. Wtf was wrong with me I thought I looked soooooo cool hahah I remember waking out the door that night being like ‘You look.. the sh** right now” #DontDoDrugsKids😂

In her hilarious message, the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne heralded that 2 days left to quit coronavirus quarantine. As known, Osbourne’s mother Sharon announced the other day that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized briefly due to the contagious disease.

The response from fans of daughter Osbourne has been overwhelmingly positive; a great number of followers wrote that they like her old fashion taste. Apart from the followers, notable names in the celebs world flooded the comment section.

“I’m saving this just in case I’m ever on drag race. You’re my snatch game impersonation 🤣🤣 but this specific photo” wrote, well-known drag queen Vicky Vox.

“But back then we loved your hair looks and style you always had a bad girl I don’t give a f**k attitude I lived for it and loved the music you use to do. My favorite was when you got punked and they said Christina Aguilera’s designer designed you some looks and you said she should be shot lmao” added, famous fashion designer Michael Costello.

See below to view Osbourne’s post.

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