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Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey And Reveals How She Lost 85 Ibs

Photo Credit: Kelly Osbourne - Instagram Photos

Former reality star Kelly Osbourne, known for her appearances on ‘The Osbournes,’ talked about her weight loss journey in a recent Hollywood Raw podcast.

The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne confirmed that she had gastric sleeve surgery two years ago, and lost 85 Ibs. She told hosts, Dax Holt, and Adam Glyn:

“I did the gastric sleeve. All it does is change the shape of your stomach. I got that almost two years ago. I will never ever ever lie about it ever. It is the best thing I have ever done.”

As known, Osbourne’s weight loss journey is a long story, that started when she appeared on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in 2009. The ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ judge told of this story during the podcast and added regarding her treatment:

“The kind of surgery I had… If you don’t work out and you don’t eat right, you gain weight. All it does is move you in the right direction… So, anyone who’s thinking of doing something like this, really think about that.”

Later, the 35-year-old reality star highlighted that the said surgery was not a quick fix and did not solve all the health issues in a short time. She also mentioned the surgery process:

“I had to do a year of stand-alone therapy to prepare myself for the surgery before I even had it. What people don’t realize is, it cuts out this hormone that if you have addiction issues, it stops your cravings and it makes you not emotionally eat, which is a huge problem for me… All it is a push in the right direction. It doesn’t solve all your problems. It’s not a quick fix.”

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