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Keke Palmer Shares Her Skin Progress That She Achieved By Herself By Discovering The Best Acne Treatment

Photo Credit: Kathryn Wirsing

Well-known singer, actor, and TV host, Keke Palmer, who is familiar with sharing her own journeys through her social media accounts open-heartedly, took to her verified Instagram account with a skin-progress post.

As known, back in December, Palmer declared through her Instagram that she has been struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome and has severe acne problems resulting from it. At that time, she posted a couple of free-makeup photos of herself and showed her skin affected by the syndrome.

Since the date, Palmer did not mention her struggle; however, on April 23, the famous TV host went to her verified Instagram account with a piece of great news and revealed that she thinks that she found the way to alleviate her skin condition. This time, she posted a series of photos, consisting of old and new versions of her skin and displayed that the progress is great. Alongside the shots, Palmer wrote:

“I can’t tell you how much this progress has meant to me. I am still doing more research on my skin. Give me a little more time and I promise to share what has worked for me. I emphasize me, because if there was anything I’ve learned it’s that only can we ourselves discover the best ways in which we can help ourselves.”

The ‘Hustle’ star stated in her message that the one who found the solution is herself, “not a doctor, not a pastor not a anybody!” Seemingly proud of herself, the young star continued her message as follows:

 “I spent time and time and time again using myself as a test dummy pretty much, talking to people who have helped others, but not everything they told me helped me. It wasn’t until I started taking what I heard and paying attention to how it affected me, that I really started to see progress.”

The 27-year-old recommended her fans and followers not to psyche themselves and give up on themselves on this journey.

See below to view the mentioned Instagram photo.

Photo Credit: Keke Palmer – Instagram Photos

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