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Kehlani Reveals She Thought For A Long Time That She Lost Her Father Due To A Shark Attack

Kehlani, the famous singer, songwriter, and dancer, took to Instagram the other day to open up about her past struggles regarding her daddy’s passing.

The well-known singer became sociable on June 19 – on Father’s Day -; she first released a couple of photos of her new old school car reminding her late father, and then shared a hearty message. Kehlani, who has been raised by her aunt because that her mother was in jail, stated in the caption section that she was “100% positive for many many years” that her father passed away due to a shark attack.

The singer, who lost her father when she was a toddler, continued her message as follows:

“When I went to go pick up this car I fell in love with, the previous owner handed me a set of keys with a shark on it. My daddy would love this car, matter of fact he’s probably the one who put it in my path.”

The same day, Kehlani took to his verified Twitter account so as to talk about the same issue and remember her late father. The mother-of-one wrote on Twitter:

“Old school (car) yesterday. The guy hands me the keys, there’s a key and a shark keychain. if anyone remembers my connection to sharks… I just know that was my dad being funny. Ancestors be ancestors”

The singer’s heartbreaking tribute was met with numerous comments from both her fans & followers and industry friends.

See below to view Kehlani’s old school car which took her back to the past.

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