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Katy Perry Takes Part In Democracy Summer 2020

I Kissed a Girl’ singer Katy Perry uploaded a video of herself while singing ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ in an American-flag-liked dress, on Instagram, on June 15.

Along with the mentioned video, she expressed how much she is excited because of being a part of the ‘Democracy Summer 2020’ that is the political democratic fellowship that provides information to students about political organizations and electoral mobilization.

The 35-year-old singer used the following statements:

“I’m excited to be a part of this kickoff to Democracy Summer 2020 with so many amazing talents, activists and speakers. The young people of America are speaking loud and clear on the streets and online (…).”

The expectant mother, Perry added by referring to ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement:

“(…) it will be more important than ever to fight for justice and equality, and against systemic racism, with our ballots 🇺🇸 Tune in Thursday, June 18 @ 5pm PT.”

Following this post, Katy Perry received a great number of positive feedback:

“Love you. This is dope” commented, Bryn Mooser.

“An angel, you have so much power and influence and you’re using it so much respect” added, Charlotte X.

“Thank you for participating in this event!! So many young ppl follow you and are heavily influenced by you so it’s so nice to see you participating in such an important event! xoxo” wrote, Baby Cat nicknamed follower.

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