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Justin Bieber Shows Off The Awesome View Of His New Luxury Home

Justin Bieber, who is the first artist to have seven songs on the Billboard list, showed up his sincere gratitude towards God with an openhearted post through Instagram, on May 24.

Justin posted the following photo that shows nature is quite perfect.

And he captioned the photo through these words:

“Everything around us points us to a maker, a creator, an architect, a designer! I am so grateful that the one who made it all loves me.”

The star, which has been talked a lot about because of his marriage and career improvements, added:

“Loves me so much that he came down to earth fully human, yet fully God making all things new by laying down his life on the cross! I am now forgiven! I can walk free from shame and condemnation! Thank you JESUS.”

Many celebrities gave positive feedback to this post:

“AMEN!!!! Thank you GOD!!” said Demi Lovato.

“Amen brother. Thank you Jesus ❤️” commented Mikey Arana.

“We are so blessed” added Josh Levi.

Besides, you can view the mentioned Instagram post clicking here.

Photo Credit: Justin Bieber – Instagram

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