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Justin Bieber Files $20 Million Defamation Lawsuit Over Assault Accusations

Canadian singer & songwriter Justin Bieber sued two Twitter users for defamation after sexual assault claims.

As known, two women had accused him of sexual assault through Twitter, by speaking of cases alleged to have happened in the years 2014 and 2015.

In response, Justin Bieber denied the claims and tweeted the following statement:

“Every claim of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously and this is why my response was needed. However, this story is factually impossible and that is why I will be working with twitter and authorities to take legal action.”

Not only that, but the 26-year-old singer also described the claims as fabricated lies and filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against two women.

Meantime, attorney Martin Singer defended Bieber by expressing that statements made by two Twitter users are absolutely false:

“It is abundantly clear that these two individuals are trying to capitalize on the climate of fear permeating the entertainment industry, Hollywood and corporate America, whereby it is open season for anyone to make any claim (no matter how vile, unsupported, and provably false) about anyone without consequence.”

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