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Jonathan Van Ness Informs Millions Of People With HIV+ Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine After Getting His First Dose

Well-known hairdresser, actor, and activist Jonathan Van Ness, also known as with his initials, JVN, took to his verified Instagram account to share an update regarding an important issue for HIV-positive fellows. JVN, best known for his appearance in Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ series, posted a photo of himself on February 22, while getting his first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and let the world know that there is a new regulation about the vaccine program.

According to what JVN said in his post, being HIV-positive became one of the conditions that allow people to be vaccinated against coronavirus disease. He continued his message by encouraging people with HIV+ to check the guidelines of their states to get the vaccine against COVID-19.

Van Ness, who announced publicly that he was  HIV-positive in September 2019, then mentioned his experience of receiving vaccine:

“This was my first shot and other than minor soreness in my arm had no side effects and will get my second shot in a few weeks. Each state has different guidelines so you’ll want to look into yours.”

After urging his fans and followers to access the internet to inform and help others, Van Ness, who found out that he was HIV+ after having been hospitalized because he had fainted while working at his hair salon, concluded his message as follows:

“Also, I know my stronger mask should go under, but I didn’t want to take my mask off to put on the stronger under, so I just layered them as was! Stay safe xx”

As soon as he had released the post, his fans and followers flooded the comments section to say that the world does not deserve him.

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