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Jessie J Decides To Stay Away From Social Media For The Sake Of Her Mental Health

English singer and songwriter Jessie J took to Instagram in order to announce her big decision to improve her mental health while alleviating her social anxiety: She drops social media.

The 32-year-old ‘Price Tag’ singer posted an image that read, “FORGET THE MAPS… FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS,” and stated that she would follow her instincts by giving a social media detox to herself. Alongside the image, she wrote:

“I have done this consistently over the years now and it proves to really help my anxiety and mental health.

Signing off for a week, a month who knows.

But giving myself space to detox from endless information and reconnecting with myself away from social media is KEY for me.”

The singer described social media platforms as an addiction to be avoided from time to time and added:

Just like we cleanse our bodies with no sugar, no alcohol, etc.

We gotta do the same with our minds.

See you soon party people 📵🎯🎢🎈”

Her fans and followers flooded the comments section with numerous positive messages:

“Sending love and good health to you. Stay safe, take all the time you need ❤️” wrote, Daisy.

”Just take care of yourself, that’s all it matters, we’ll be here when you come back, I love you💜” added, Jamily.

“Follow what you know it works for you.. we will be waiting here for you always ❤️” commented, Maria Luíza Rauen.

See below to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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