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Jennifer Lopez Attends ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest With Her Son Encouragement

Well-known American actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez attended the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in Los Angeles with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez on Sunday and posted those moments with a strong message through her Instagram page.

The highest-paid Latin actress in Hollywood, Lopez stated that her son Max had encouraged her to speak out about racial inequality and the death of George Floyd.

J.Lo shared the conversation she had with her kids:

“Today I had Emme and Max make me and Alex a sign for the protest. Max told me a few days ago: ‘you know mom, since you have a following like some of my YouTuber gamers and they ask us to support things and we do, you should do that for George Floyd.’ I said, ‘funny you say that baby, I am planning a few things. Do you want to help by making a sign?’ And they did!!”

Then ‘On the Floor‘ singer mentioned about the protest and its aim:

“We talked about how if one person doesn’t have justice then no one does. That this country was built on the belief of freedom and justice for all. We must take a stand for what we believe in and fight against the injustices in this world. So we continue to peacefully protest until there is change.”

Following this post, her followers expressed their support with the following comments:

“It makes me more proud of you. Thank you for supporting Queen. 👏😍♥” said, Erij Lover nicknamed follower.

“OMG, Jen you are my inspiration, together we are stronger fighting racism and prejudice❤️” added, Queen Is JLo nicknamed follower.

You can find the mentioned post below, and watch the video she shared.

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