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Jameela Jamil Recommends Khloé Kardashian To Release More Unfiltered Photos Instead Of Trying To Get It Removed From Social Media

Amid the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ star Khloé Kardashian taking action to get her unfiltered photo removed from the social media, and trying to prove that she has a “perfect-shaped body“, ‘The Good Place‘ star Jameela Jamil took to her verified Instagram account in order to give a piece of recommendation for her.

The well-known feminist Jamil, who garnered media attention multiple times in the past with her posts targeting the Kardashians & Jenners with the claim that they lead people to falsely diet culture, wrote on her official Instagram page that Khloé played herself worse while trying to play her fans.

In her post, Jamil slammed the media and society:

“I totally see why they’re so obsessed with presenting as whatever society’s latest ideal of perfect is. Because they were harassed and bullied and scrutinized to within an inch of their lives. They may hurt us. But god did society hurt them. So this cycle of anti-feminist behavior has to end on both sides.”

Defending that the public and media must stop with the bullying over celebs’ looks, the actor and radio host described Khloé’s efforts to show that she is perfect as sad. She continued:

“I wish we could all just call a truce. And I wish those women could know they were all gorgeous and probably happier and less anxious about their appearance before a single surgeon or airbrush artist was in their lives.”

At the end of the caption, Jamil reminded that trying to look “impeccable” as a well-known celeb, is just pushed young girls not to accept themselves as they are. And the actor made a recommendation for the reality TV star:

“May a good thing that comes from it be that at least young girls can breathe knowing they’re trying to live up to fake standards, and give themselves a break when they take holiday photos. And may Khloe maybe start to post more unedited photos and be a role model for self acceptance.”

Time will show us if Kardashian will be a role model or not.

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