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Jake Paul Sales His LA House To Pay Further Attention To His Boxing Career

Photo Credit: Jake Paul - Instagram Photos

YouTuber Jake Paul is selling his house in Los Angeles to focus on his boxing career by getting rid of all the distractions of the city.

To deliver the news regarding the sale, Paul first took to his Instagram and posted a photo of himself, sitting on a camp chair in front of his huge house. Along with the photo, the content creator added a caption that reads:

New chapter. video on my yt. ✌🏼. It’s the problem child era.”

Then the YouTuber, who is dominating the boxing news with his new fight calls against the former professional boxers, stated that he is aiming to become one of the greatest boxers of all times. He wrote:

“I will become the world’s biggest prize fighter.

In the video, Paul, who knocked-out former basketball player Nathaniel Robinson in a recent boxing match, repeated that he is stepping a new chapter in his life, and there is so many going-on in LA that is not allowing him to focus on his training.

As known, Paul’s LA house was being the subject of news because of the unusual parties thrown in. By selling the house, he also implied that he was quitting the big house parties and madness to become one of the biggest prizefighters in the world.

One of the most-known YouTubers all around the world, whose goal is “becoming the best athlete he can possibly be” also said that he would find somewhere more suitable to train; as known, he is preparing for a boxing match with Conor McGregor.

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